SoapTime’s Earth Shaped Bottle engages children with fun knowledge of our planet & nature.

  • Listen to “worlds” of details about the sun & blue whales.
  • Sing along and count to 10 in Spanish!
  • Earth’s soap is green, non-toxic, with a light apple scent.


8.4 FL OZ (250 ML)



Lavender Scent


Smart Base:

3 AAA Batteries

2,500+ wash cycles

1 Year Limited Warranty


What is the Smart Base & how does it work?

SoapTime’s Smart Base plays the LED lightshows, songs and facts. The Smart Base is battery operated and sink-safe; however, it should be kept as dry as possible and never be submerged in water. To activate the SmartBase, line up the front of your SoapTime bottle with the SoapTime logo at the front of the base and snap it into place. The Smart Base is compatible with all 3 SoapTime bottles and holds 18 songs and facts. The Smart Base recognizes which bottle is attached based on which button is compressed when you apply the bottles. Each bottle compresses a different activation button and the base will play the corresponding songs & facts.

Are SoapTime bottles recyclable?

All SoapTime bottles are coded for recycling.

What is the shelf life of SoapTime products?

SoapTime products are tested for a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacture listed on the bottle. The Smart Base can be reused indefinitely with proper care & battery replacement.